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One Last Look at Summer 2021 in Lake Arrowhead

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I can’t believe we are far enough along in 2021 to actually “look back” on the year already, but with October just around the corner, it feels like Christmas will be following close behind and we’ll find ourselves ringing in the new year before we know it saying I CAN’T BELIEVE IT’S NYE ALREADY and WHERE DID THE YEAR GO!?!

2021 has sped by and though it has had its ups and downs, I almost feel like I have no memory of it even existing.

We’re living through a roller coaster of a start of a decade yet as time seems to have slowed down completely compared to the past, it’s also racing by quicker than ever. When we complain and feel down its hard not to think, WELL, AT LEAST I’M ALIVE – but the mood is just off. As much fun as I have had on the lake and roller skating this year, it also feels like something is lost…

Maybe it’s just the mood I’m in right now and my head is clouded with confusion… but I think COVID still has us feeling like we’re in a holding pattern, waiting for our lives to go back to some kind of normal… and I don’t mean normal day to day to-do lists, by normal I mean that we can be present in the moment and be free and not worry about germs and getting sick and being around people when we’re out or when we return home or the anxiety that comes with a sneeze or allergies or a day where we feel run down and exhausted.

On the other hand, we are alive and healthy and well, that is something to celebrate isn’t it?

Though it’s an exhausting mindset, I actually think that some good has come from it. For instance, now, when I do feel exhausted, rather than pushing through it and continuing working, I stop. I literally stop everything without feeling unproductive. I rest more, sleep more, eat better, etc., and make sure my immune system is functioning at a high level. It’s like we finally figured out how to self-care without feeling guilty about it and that’s a huge developmental step I’d say.

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We didn’t spend as much time on the boat or lake this summer as we did last year and I think it’s because the kids were in a summer school/camp situation during the week so we didn’t have them as much. I think my desire to roller skate this year also may have played a part because like boat life, I knew I only had a few months of warm weather (and an available rink at Skypark) before having to bundle up again whilst skating. It’s already getting pretty chilly at night here and by next month I’ll be reaching for my jackets again.

Still… boat days are pretty magical 🙂

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Of all the swimsuits I’ve purchased in the last two summers, this gingham ruffle bikini is BY FAR, my favorite. It’s comfortable, it’s flattering and it’s adorable… and I just bought the black with white polka dots for next summer because if it fits the same, I’ll have two favorite bikinis and the best part is that they’re under $25. I might just have to buy one in every color they make 🙂

bikini, ruffle bikini, gingham bikini, swimwear, summer, boat style, lake arrowhead, lake life, summer 2021, cute bikini

Peyton turned 10 in June and has grown up SO MUCH this past year – it’s blowing our minds! She’s grown out of all of her swimsuits and in a pinch, I gave her one of mine and honestly couldn’t believe how well it fit! It’s this adorable laser-cut pink ruffle top and bottoms I wore for my Target photoshoot in the snow. I’m not sure why but I’ve never actually worn that suit into the water or even in the summer out on the lake. It’s basically brand new and now it’s hers because it was so cute on her!

I swear she has grown taller and more mature in her face even since I took these photos!

Allie just turned 8 and has grown into Peyton’s old suit that she never wore… which is one of the great things about having an older sister… HAND-ME-DOWNS! I always wished I had a sister, simply for the clothes benefit, and now I get to see it happening in real time with these two who are just two years apart. However, 10 and 8 are a BIG difference sometimes… and other times, not so much. They’re really good together actually and only annoy each other once in a while 😉

I turned 45 at the beginning of this summer (June 1st) and damn it was a rough one. I’m very confused about aging sometimes, lol. Is everyone like this or is it just me? I honestly don’t understand how I am 45 years old. Like WHAT. huh? I don’t get it. I often yell, I’LL BE 50 IN 5 YEARS does that freak anyone else out? Or is it just me? My age hits me three months before it actually arrives so by the time my birthday hits I’ve already crashed and burned and accepted it… and then I’m fine. But man… the three months leading up to June (march/april/may), were a DOOZY! The roughest this year… and then everything was easy.

ducks, ducks on the lake, ducks in lake arrowhead, feeding the ducks, swimming ducks

gingham bikini, feeding the ducks, swimwear, on the lake, ducks, ducks on the lake, ducks in lake arrowhead, feeding the ducks, swimming ducks

Most of the ducks hang out in the bays by the shore and at the village docks due to the amount of people who feed them in those areas. Most of the businesses at the village sell duck food and I had some extra I brought with me on the boat because occasionally we get a few hungry friends. On this day, however, we had more than a few and luckily I had enough food to go around. The ducks are pretty funny actually and usually it’s the female ducks that come get the food while the males wait in the wings so to speak 😉 We’ve even watched them hang out on the lily pad (see floating device below) while waiting for food. It’s quite adorable really.

Kelley (my cousin) and family also came up for a visit at the beginning of August and OMG WE HAD A BLAST. Such a fun day on the lake with them and then roller skating in the evening… they camped at Skypark in the RV section which has fire pits and is super clean and well-kept and just across the highway from the park.

house on the lake in lake arrowhead, house with boat garage, houses in lake arrowhead, what it's like living in lake arrowhead, lake life, boat days

One of the cutest houses on the lake, being actually “ON” the water in a way… it has two boat garages beneath it… however, it also has a dock you can see to the left of it which is where the boat is actually parked. In fact, I’ve never seen a boat parked in the boat garage and it makes me wonder why?

bikini, ruffle bikini, gingham bikini, swimwear, summer, boat style, lake arrowhead, lake life, summer 2021, cute bikini

It’s so helpful to be able to look back at my photos to recollect and remember when life is in blur mode. We’ve actually had quite a busy, yet relaxing summer and spent quality time with friends and family and even got to experience the 4th of July fireworks show on the boat this year! I’d go so far as to say it was better than last summer, more relaxing, more friends, better days… hopefully we can keep everything that summer has brought even though we’re leaving it behind. The memories and the magic are here to stay even if the warm days are a thing of the past 🙂 Until next year.

Happy End of Summer Lovecats!

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