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Glitter Nails // Color Street Nail Polish Strips FTW!

Glitter Nails Color Street Nail Polish Strips FTW! review

When we opened Dogwood a few months ago I realized my hands might be center of attention – ahem- unless maybe I wear a very low cleavage-enhancing top 😉 BUT mostly, my hands are pouring drinks and delivering food and gesticulating wildly as I speak to customers and friends… and I want them to look pretty and as presentable as possible at all times.

During the renovation, I couldn’t grow my nails to save my life. Working endlessly with tools and sanders and whatever else we were using to turn that place from a dungeon to a castle 🙂 my hands and nails were showing visible signs of heavy work and I wanted them to look feminine again after a year of well, NOT.

A few weeks after opening, my nails finally strengthened up again and were growing but with them constantly in water, washing dishes, etc., a regular manicure just didn’t last. I thought about acrylics and gel nails, but I just don’t have time for that kind of maintenance, and honestly, even if I had the time, I wouldn’t make it a priority, and then in all reality, my nails would end up looking worse in the long run.

Anyway, a friend popped by Dogwood recently and told me about Color Street nail polish strips and I thought this may be the perfect solution (why had I not thought about polish strips before? I haven’t a clue) BUT I wanted to give them a try to see how they’d hold up under my new life circumstances.

She gave me a few different colors and patterns to try and I loved them all… but I chose the silver glitter because I thought they’d be the easiest to get right during application (just in case they were a nightmare to apply) and would hold up the longest while also NOT looking like stickers. They were so simple and easy to use and they looked great immediately. There are instructions on the back of each little pack and they come with cleansing pads and a little nail file to remove excess strips along the edges.

I even had enough left over to do my toes and loved the way the glitter sparkled in the sunlight. Unfortunately, a photo of my toes would not do it justice 😉

Now it was simply time to test out their durability on the job… and I have to say BRAVO!

Not only did they last nearly 3 weeks (I still have glitter tips) BUT they almost strengthened my nails in a way that helped them grow!

My current nails are longer than they have maybe ever been… so long that I actually have to type differently on my keyboard (right now) as a result of them tapping the letters above and hitting too many keys. So while it’s definitely time for a trim and a file, I’m so so so happy with the polish strips I can’t even tell you! They exceeded my expectations on every level and I’m going to try one of the other colors she gave me in the next day or so when I have a little free time. I hope the other colors/styles turn out as good as the glitter did!

And… Voila!

AND… a handful of people asked where I got my nails done in the 2 weeks where my glitter strips still looked new and professional. That in itself is a WIN!

BUT I do have to say that they looked better in person than they do in the photos, where they lack a little life, but still, so happy with them!

Buy Color Street Nail Strips Here!

All the solids, glitters, french tips and designs are Buy 3 Get 1 Free. No promo code needed, just add 4 to cart and discount will be calculated at checkout.

Have Fun!

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