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It’s been a few weeks since I’ve done an Instagram recap so I thought I’d just merge them all into one!

pink tree

Walking to the Village a few weekends ago when our friend Alison was visiting, we passed this AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL PINK tree! Sure you’d expect orange and other seasonally Fall colors, as the leaves are all changing right now, but it was a soft, light-salmony-peachy pink and it was GORGEOUS! It stood out from all the others.

80s tinkerbell kid costume tinker bell hair

My Throwback Thursday Tinker Bell costume from 1980 vs my new Tinker Bell DIY Costume with makeup & hair tutorials. Click through the link to see the full costume DIY and hair tutorials.

house and trees

It was October 1st 2012 when we first drove up to Lake Arrowhead and met with a realtor. We looked at about 6 houses that weren’t right for us and while in the car following behind our realtor, talked about how we may have to come back to look at more if we didn’t find one that day. And then we drove down an extremely treacherous road in the Prius and said no, this will not work… but then pulled up to this house. As we walked in we both instantly knew this was our house. We kept saying This will work and I think this is perfect. As we left and looked at the remaining homes on our list, we compared everything to this one until we finally stopped by it one last time. We put in an offer the following week and moved in December 5th. We are still in love…

light dusting snow hail storm

There was a possible chance of snow on Tuesday night… but nothing. Wednesday morning it began raining… which quickly turned to hail… and when night fell, turned into snow. It snowed on and off all night but it was warm enough the following day to just have a light dusting of white everywhere, which was gorgeous and a fun little winter teaser!

morning light window

I’m so happy and grateful to finally be getting sleep again and sleeping through the night that mornings are all happy and smiles again. This was the morning light coming through the window and it was just magical.

sunglasses lake capuccino

New Gucci aviator/mirrored sunglasses were my anniversary gift from the husband this year. Copper was the traditional gift, and these have copper details rather than gold.

The husband has perfected his afternoon cappuccinos… they are delish!

fall table

A little Fall inside… a LOTTA Fall outside.

doggy kisses bebop pugman

LeRoy gave us a scare last week… he came in from his afternoon walk and began choking and foaming at the mouth. He was pawing at his face and wouldn’t let me come near him. I screamed for the husband who came in and tried to pry his mouth open. LeRoy actually went limp for a moment, the husband yelled NOOOOO and then slammed open his jaw and shoved his hand down his throat repetitively. LeRoy came to and began panting heavily and we quickly got in the car to go to the vet but on the way, LeRoy was totally fine again. We had such a scare but the husband was the hero for the day. He totally saved him and LeRoy was so grateful for the rest of the day offering nonstop kisses {mostly to the husband, it was unbelievable, like he KNEW!!}. We were ridiculously happy he was okay.

Bebop Pugman getting toasty by the fire.


Last weekend we met some friends for drinks at the village and watched the Octoberfest activities like the Sausage Toss and the Sauerkraut eating contest, which were both hilarious. I actually took a ton of photos on my phone, but the one above is the only one that saw the light of day… I was super layered and afraid of being cold… this is what I wore. It was a hilarious fun time.

galaxy nails textured nails 3

My Galaxy Nails and DIY Textured Nails from the last few weeks.

pug and frenchie

My reluctant models, lol…

Happy Weekend Lovecats!

Hope you’re having a lovely one. I’m in LA for the weekend for Delilah’s birthday party. She’s just turned four years old and I can’t even believe how quickly time flies.

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