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A New Morning Ritual // My Own Personal Tarot Card Readings

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A few weeks ago (or maybe a month now) Chad and I started talking about tarot readings… and I cannot remember why or how we even got into the discussion but it propelled me to run upstairs to the game closet in the hallway and pull out my old Rider-Waite tarot cards because it just so happened that I knew exactly where they were. Why? I don’t know, my memory is strange like that, but I returned quickly with the cards in my hand and a glint in my eye, which may have scared and/or excited him, I couldn’t tell, but I was eager to give him a reading – even though I had no idea how to even begin.

I bought this deck way back in the ’90s at a little shop in the Valley called The Psychic Eye Bookshop, which was one of my favorite little shops and I’m not even sure if it still exists anymore -except that I do and it does because I just linked the website 😉 but I spent a good amount of time in my late teens and early twenties in that little shop because it had such nice energy and smelled SO GOOD! I also bought many enlightening books and tarot cards apparently, that I never used because they’re still in perfect condition, but I digress…

While I was ready and eager to read his future, Chad was less enthusiastic about the cards I had gripped in my hand, but willing to give it a try. Our goal was simply to see if I might pull the same or similar cards he had been seeing the youtube readers pull for his sign, as if that would verify the validity of these readings somehow, but honestly, we were just having fun.

I had no idea how to start so I pulled out the little booklet that accompanied the cards and quickly learned how to do a basic Celtic cross reading, which I did for him… which ultimately proved nothing to us at all but was fun nonetheless.

ANYWAY… this propelled me into a bit of a small obsession with watching tarot readings on youtube for my own zodiac sign, (Gemini if you’re wondering) which in this particular time in my life I found completely uplifting and helpful in so many ways. I was sort of in awe as to how accurate these reading were… and not just one, but almost all of them I clicked on to watch were pulling similar cards and speaking directly to my life situation.

These readings kind of gave me hope where I had been feeling slightly hopeless, they gave me answers to questions I wasn’t even aware I was asking, and suddenly I started smiling more than frowning… watching the readings somehow lifted me out from under the dark cloud I wasn’t even fully aware I had been residing under. Sometimes you need to go down unusual paths you might not normally consider to find what you’re looking for, and this was just that.

tarot cards, oracle cards, divine spirit, youtube tarot card readers, tarot readings


Like astrology, I sort of take tarot with a grain of salt, believing it only to a certain degree, but once I noticed the readers were all saying very similar things that did happen to resonate with everything I had been going through, it was reassuring in a moment in time where I was desperately looking for answers or reassurance. In some cases it was as if they dove right inside my brain and told me exactly what I needed to hear and validated thoughts I had been confused about. Along with reading and meditating and walking and really focusing on my personal inner healing, these tarot readings were the lightning bolt I needed to force me out of my funk.

So each morning after making coffee and feeding the dogs, I sit down with my coffee and pick up my tarot deck and start shuffling. I shuffle and shuffle and then allow the cards to fall into my hand and any that pop out I take as a sign that they’re meant for me that day. Then I split the deck and take those two cards as well and usually end up with 4 to 6 cards. I then search each individual card on youtube and in my journal, handwrite the name of each card and the meaning that resonates with me for that particular day. When I’m done with all the card meanings, I read through them and write a brief synopsis of what they all mean together for me… and I find this very satisfying. I finish with a card from the Wisdom of Oracle Divination Cards (my favorite deck of all) and read the accompanying booklet to summarize my reading and overall mood of the moment. Generally the cards aren’t telling me anything I don’t already know, they’re not forecasting my future, but almost every morning I find myself nodding in agreement as if they’re simply pointing out what’s already on my mind.

I’ve come to love this soothing self-care morning ritual which feels like a spiritual practice that puts me in a really good mood and teaches me the tarot deck as well (I love learning new things!). Whether it’s just a phase, a temporary obsession or a new passion, tarot and spiritual readings feel like new light energy and also just offer a little mysticism and magic in this time where I’ve been feeling super stagnant. I know it seems like a little thing, but it’s truly the small steps outside your comfort zone that you take daily that eventually get you out of a rut and into a radical new mindset.


Have a Wonderful Day Lovecats!

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