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Meditation // Reclaim the Power to Change Your Life -Starts Today

guided meditation with deepak chopra

Lovecats! There’s a new guided meditation experience with Deepak Chopra that started today… and though I do miss Oprah’s intro, I’m so happy he released a new one to follow. I have purchased and downloaded almost all of his guided meditations, if not all of them, and though they never really get boring, it’s nice to have something new.

The Path to Empowerment: Reclaim the power to change your life meditation experience starts today! If you already have the app downloaded it will just appear there, but if you don’t have the app, you can sign up to get the daily mediations here. Each meditation is available for 5 days and then disappears and there are usually 21 or 22 days and then they give you the option to purchase it as well. They remain my favorite guided meditations and if you’ve been following since around 2014, you know the benefits I’ve received from a daily meditation practice are HUGE… life-changing really.

ego vs spirit - guided meditation with deepak chopra

Here’s the description below…

You hold within you the power to transform your world. Join Deepak Chopra on an inner journey to take charge of your life, overcome your obstacles, and become the best version of yourself in The Path to Empowerment. Discover the profound truth that you don’t have to settle or live with lost dreams, as you step into your power to create a life that feels meaningful, filled with possibility, and aligned with your heart’s deepest desires. Achieve the seven levels of personal power to gain confidence and clarity about what you want, take steps that have previously felt out of reach, and access the unbounded power and potential of your true self.

You have it in you to revolutionize your life experience, inspire the lives of those around you, and ultimately, be a force of change in the world. The Path to Empowerment shows you how – join us for free.

rule your mind or it will rule you - buddha

The app is free, this meditation is free for 25 days or so… then you can buy the meditations for $30-$40 which stay in your app and you can listen to whenever/forever.

Happy Meditating, Lovecats!

… and Happy November too!

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